Discover Skrova

Lofoten’s Hidden Gem

Welcome to Our little Paradise

Skrova is an ideal destination for those who seek relaxation and tranquility amidst nature’s scenic beauty and picturesque traditional village.

A genuine village, off the beaten part

Known by many as Lofoten’s little Hauwaii or Lofoten’s hidden em, Skrova is a small island located in Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle.
despite be part of the Lofoten Islands, is still off the beaten path offering a genuine experience of what is to wonder through a small local village without croud or tourist busses. Skrova is known for its scenic beauty, rugged terrain, and unique flora and fauna. It has a population of less than 200 people.

despite small, is a thriving comunity with who has been adapted through the changes of times.

Thre are 2 art galleries, a little grossery shop, two restaurant, a school and kindagarden, and the main industry a fish Factory.

An artsy athmosphere

Embracing the Traditions of Skrova

Art & traditions sit side by side in everywalk through Skrova

The few roads in Skrova are pointed by photo exbitions, art galleries and remais of a strong culture heritage of centeries conected to sea traditions.

A perfect combination of nature, history, culture, wildlife, art and an alive comunity still thriving.

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