Our Project

A Guesthouse & a Factory

Past, Present & Future

Our charming guesthouse offers a cozy retreat with stunning views. With warm hospitality and comfortable rooms, we aim to make every guest feel at home.

Before Us

For many years Skrova was a thriving fishing spot and a dinamic port for hundreads of works. Several factores and comunal properties to house fishermen and seasonal workers were spread through the island.

Our places started as one of them…

The Factory

A strong connection to Skrova’s essence

Nøtnes Midnattsol’s Enduring Legacy

The legacy of Nøtnes Midnattsol is rooted in its building history. We take pride in our heritage and are working hard to continue to thrive through, remembering the special essence of our beautiful island.

Now, we aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment that captures the essence of Skrova, ensuring every guest leaves with cherished memories.

Exclusive discount

Special discounts on Full House bookings and long term stays

Up to 25 % Off

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