Nøtnes Midnattsol

Welcome to Skrova new Guesthouse


Nøtnes Midnattsol Guesthouse

Keeping the past present, we are working for a new future life

Starting with a guesthouse, our project has a lot to grow… The future plans hold an event area for concerts and special ocasions, a panoramic restaurant and maybe some extra surprises!

The House includes 15 rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There is a cozy common area with kitchen facilities.

Our rooms are all diferent from each other, each inspired and decorated by Skrova diferent athmospheres through the year… The turquoise clear waters, the pink polar days, the white sandy beaches…

With a great location, right by the water, we have a long 50m dock providing docking space for boats.   Showers and laundry facilities are available for campers and sailors!



Docking Space



Looking for a docking space?

the amazing views of Skrova are a big atractive during the Summer Season. However docking spaces on the island can be scarse during high season! 

With showers, laundry facilities and free wifi Nøtnes midnattsol guesthouse is the perfect spot away from home!

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